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Is your child at risk in your home every day?

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Do you know about the hidden nightmare in your home that puts your child at risk every day?

According to Realtor Magazine, 62% of all US homes have one. And as a result, a child is hospitalized every 6 minutes, says CBS News.

The culprit is not the stove, or the tub, or heavy furniture. And if you’re putting your trust in those babyproofing lists, think again. Nine out of ten of these lists, including one from DIY Network, missed this one.

So, what’s the most dangerous and overlooked area in your house?

Slick Stairs. Yes, that’s right, the stairs.

Did you know that slip and falls on stairs account for the highest number of injuries in American hospitals? And according to WebMD, children under 5 years old are the most probable.

This naturally brings up the baby gates you may have blocking the steps. Well, there could be a problem with those as well. First, there are several designs on the market, and they’re not created equal. Second, your installation is unique to your home. Of course, it’s a good idea to use safety gates. But only if they are installed correctly. However, these gates are not the total solution alone. Why you ask? Because you still have to use the stairs.

You’ll find out, once your child gets to the crawling stage, all rules change immediately. Until now, the crib has safely contained them. Now, their innate sense of curiosity makes the whole house an adventure.

If you’re thinking “I would always carry my child on the stairs,” think again. A parent falling while holding a child is more common than you’d believe. According to, a child being carried on the stairs accounts for nearly a quarter of stair injuries in children less than a year old.

As you know by now, you can’t watch your child 100 percent of the time. It’s physically impossible. And this doesn’t make you a bad parent. After all, no parent is perfect.

Just consider what Chris Garbrandt told the New York Times about her 6-month-old son, Will. “In a flash, I heard the tumble: thunk, thunk, thunk,” she said. “I turned around, and I saw him falling down the stairs and looking like a rag doll just going all the way down. As a mother, that will forever be etched in my mind, watching him fall down those stairs and feeling so helpless. It was terrifying.”

Now, are you looking at the stairs in your home totally different now that you’re aware of the dangers?

By now you’re probably wondering what causes a slip down the stairs. Sometimes it’s wet feet or slippery socks. And with home design trending toward natural floors, laminate and hardwood are quite popular. And let’s not forget about painted stairs. But unfortunately, all of these trends create slick steps.

A high percent of slip and falls happen when you’re unfamiliar with the steps. Like within the first few months of living in a new home. Or a change of routine such as a new family member in the house. Yes, like a new baby!

And you can’t forget about the people that don’t actually live with you. Doesn’t the thought of visitors make you shiver at the risk of liability? They are the least familiar with your steps and can get easily distracted by something you probably wouldn’t notice.

So, by now you may be asking how to protect you and your family? For most people, the first thought of relocating to a single story house is easier said than done.

But there is a simple solution that can be put on almost any stairway. By adding an adhesive non-slip tread to the steps, you can have an instant sense of security.

A set of these adhesive non-slip treads will work on unusually shaped stairs as well. An example would be stairs with a curved or spiral design.

If you get the nicer adhesive non-slip treads, they are translucent so they remain discrete. This keeps the natural beauty of the wood grain and color prominent.

If you're like most concerned parents, the only ones currently on the market that are PVC free are made by Neater Nest and are called Steady Treads. With a child in the house, if PVC free is a priority for you, definitely select these.

Steady Treads come in three quantities of 5, 10 and 15 treads. This allows you to select the right number for your home without waste or ordering extras.

They come with a handy roller to make sure there are no air bubbles showing. The roller also simplifies applying the right amount of pressure needed. This will ensure that your Steady Treads will last for years without curling at the edges.

Steady Treads will preserve the natural aesthetic of your steps, without hurting your feet or ruining your socks. They are a perfect compromise between decor style and safety.

You can now convert the constant threat to life and health into 100% safety with Steady Treads. You’ll be able to go up and down the steps in confidence regardless of what you’re carrying.

Use Steady Treads all over the house like Stairways, Steps, Ramps, Kitchens and bathrooms. You can even use them outdoors like garages, decks, ramps, boats, and pools.

These are simply the best solution for improving stair safety, especially for the elderly, children and even pets. They are designed to increase the slip resistance on most slick surfaces and can help keep everyone steady on their feet.

Don’t wait until AFTER an unnecessary injury to your child before you invest in Steady Treads. Click here to order your set on Amazon now.



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