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Steady Treads - Anti Slip Tape for Stairs

  Steady Treads® was designed in Colorado by Splitt Enterprises LLC, dba Neater Nest. We strive to provide valuable, safe, and economic non-slip tape. We only make products that we would put into our own homes and trust with our loved ones. Our goal was to save lives and prevent injuries. We hope you see the passionate care AND attention to detail that goes into each and every product.
Thanks for trusting Steady Treads in your home.
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Eric Splitt
Founder of Steady Treads and Owner at Neater Nest

Our products bring peace of mind to your home by reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents. We specifically chose to manufacturer Steady Treads without the use of PVC. We use a non-toxic PET and PEVA plastic, like they use in water bottles, to protect the environment and ensure that your family is not exposed to chemicals.  The adhesive we use is a solvent-based pressure sensitive acrylic.

Steady Treads come in 2 textures.  #80 grit traction which is soft enough for bare feet while still being anti-slip. We make them with miniature glass beads and attach them using electrostatic technology to minimize wear over time.  We also have a non abrasive grip tape made from siliconized PEVA plastic.  The unique square grid tread is gentle to the touch yet still provides the right amount of anti slip comfort that you need.

You can use Steady Treads all over the house like stairways, steps, ramps, kitchens and bathrooms. They are designed to improve slip resistance on most slick surfaces keeping you steady on your feet.