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Hi, there. I’m Eric Splitt. Welcome to Neater Nest!

This is the place to be if you want to create a peaceful, well-thought-out home.  I like building things with my own hands and I’m here to help you change what you thought was possible between 4 walls.

Here you’ll find beautifully engineered products in our online store, DIY resources, and inspirational vlogs to help you tackle your next project. (Sooner rather than later!)

I love home DIY projects because not only do they make life easier, but I believe it’s part of the legacy in raising a family. My wife and 3 kids are my WHY at the center of each challenge.  My hope is to instill creativity, confidence, tenacity, and grit into my children so that one day, they too will build a home for their family, just as I did with my Father.

A growing family life is not easy with our busy schedules and it gets compounded when our home space is working against us.  Lack of storage, non-functional mud rooms, mountains of toys, games and accessories, bikes, scooters, etc… It’s exhausting…

Most of these challenges can be addressed with a well-thought-out home DIY solution that doesn’t involve lots of fancy skills or tons of money.

There is a wealth of peace and happiness just waiting for you and your family if you are willing to set time aside, pick up a hammer, and courageously start customizing your space for YOUR needs.  My Grandpa used to say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day… because I wasn’t the contractor.” But don’t let that stop you. Start with one area of the house you can be proud of and enjoy.

A problem solver by nature, I’m excited to share the solutions & products I have designed to help you optimize your home for happiness.

Read more about my DIY journey and how Neater Nest was founded, click here.


You can check out my project archives here. Or jump straight into the list of products I’ve designed and manufactured for you.

At Neater Nest we believe that homes are meant to be lived in and we’ve got the banged up baseboards to prove it.  Every family deserves a space in which to grow and thrive. It’s our mission to support and empower you to build a Nest you’ll love coming home to!

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Thank you for being here and welcome to the Neater Nest family!