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A NESTER is a new breed of DIY enthusiast.

Curious, playful, creative, resourceful.


NESTERS build a safe and comfortable home despite the pressures of the Outside World trying to close in.


NESTERS don’t have a Plan B.

They decide what they want and then create it.


“IKEA” is a four-letter word and

“I can make it better” is our middle name.


Pinterest is our drug and Home Depot is our dealer.


NESTERS never scrap something just because it broke.

We grab our tools and make it stronger.  

We repair. We repurpose. We respect the environment.


NESTERS void warranties.


A NESTER leaves their blood, sweat, tears,

and fingerprints all over every project.


NESTERS know they have the freedom to change

what isn’t working. No project is too small.

If it’s annoying - we fix it.


A NESTER creates a peaceful, well-thought-out home

and puts family needs before binging HGTV.


We’re not intimidated by the neighbor's spotless

baseboards and perfectly manicured lawns.  

Our homes are lived in, rugged, and full of character.


We are leaving our mark. One project at a time...



OPTIMIZE their own homes.

CREATE their own solutions

BUILD their own dream projects

CHANGE what’s possible between 4 walls.

NESTERS are motivated by knowing

that the real joy in life comes from

playfully building things with our own hands.



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