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Steady Tread Removal

How to Remove Steady Treads

The adhesive is a solvent-based pressure sensitive acrylic. It takes about 12 hours to cure after installation. Steady Treads may be removed within the first few hours of installing very easily. But the longer they sit, the stronger the bond, making it more difficult to remove.

Steady Treads work best on “Finish in Place” flooring where you have control over the finish of the wood. But it is always best to test the removal of adhesive products in an inconspicuous place.

*Caution about some Aluminum Oxide finished floors and other finishes that do no bond completely with the wood. If the finish has a very weak bonding strength it can be pulled up easily by any type of adhesive. This may result in discoloration and having to refinish the flooring.

Steady Treads typically last 2-3 years, at which point they may be removed or replaced. They are designed for semi-permanent installation providing safety and added traction, and are not meant as a temporary solution.

*** Not all wood floors are equal. Damage to your floor is a possibility when removing the adhesive tape. You MUST follow the proper technique, pulling slowly. If the integrity of the wood is poor or is prone to splintering then it is possible that removing adhesive tape may pull up small splinters of wood. Exposure to water is also a consideration. If the wood underneath the grip tape has been warped by water, the wood may be damaged and small splinters of wood may come up with the tape. Although these cases are rare, we do try to warn customers upfront.

In rare cases, the floor finish may not respond well to our acrylic adhesive. Like Aluminum Oxide and some oil-based finishes mentioned above. Removing the treads too quickly may pull up the finish layer. Touch up the stain and a new topcoat may be required to restore the look.


What if pulling up the tape damages the finish on my stairs?

In a case where the adhesive is pulling up the finish coat, here are 2 things you can try. It’s not a guarantee, but definitely better than pulling them up cold. We want to warm them up to loosen the adhesive. Try one of these 2 options:

1. Use a hairdryer, then pull up slowly continuing to heat the adhesive under the tread.

2. Soak a hand towel in boiling water. Be careful not to burn yourself, and don’t apply boiling water directly to the wood as it may burn the finish coat. Using tongs, place the really hot and wet towel on top of the tread. Let it sit for a minute or 2 and then try pulling up the tape. Have some extra dry towels to clean up any spills.

In both these methods, it should pull up easier than when it was cold. Removal by these methods will probably leave some adhesive behind. You can use a product like goo-gone or goof-off, adhesive remover.

If you are unsure about the look or removal of our Clear treads, simply contact us and ask for a 4″ X 4″ sample.

Grit tape is really good at grabbing stuff. That includes dirt and debris. You might find it helpful to check out our cleaning instructions.