5 Ideas for creating a stylish office workspace that promotes creativity and motivation

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Whether your home office is a designated space for running a business, paying your bills, crafting something you love, organizing your schedule, or doing some reading and writing, you deserve a place that should inspire the flow of creativity; keeping you focused and motivated to get down to business. But, often, that is not the case. In fact, home offices can be the most neglected spaces in our homes- messy and unfriendly environments that are not necessarily ready for the cover shoot of a design magazine. We think its time for an upgrade! Here are 5 tips for transforming your office into a charming and inspiring workplace that will make you want to buckle down and get to work.

1- LOCATION is key

Most often when we work at home, there is a constant risk of distraction, so it's important to set up your home office in a space that promotes concentration and inspiration and that also reflects the design and comfort of the rest of your home. The first thing you need to do is examine your home office and how much of your workspace has been infested with distractions. Resolve traffic flow and your ability to withstand such discretions and keep them out of sight. Consider where to place your desk in the room. If you want to enhance concentration, then place the desk to face the wall, but to spur inspiration, it should be positioned so you have a view of the whole room or out a window.


Once you’ve decided on where to place your desk, its time to have some fun choosing the right desk. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

For small spaces, you need a small desk like the Teraves Computer Desk. It’s a perfect working partner which provides you with multi-functions and wide desktop, saving your room space. Available in two sizes in your choice of Black, Black Oak or Dark Teal. It is the ideal choice to give your workspace a very stylish and refined look. It’s a real gem!

Modern office desk 2020

3. Get good seating support-invest in a great chair.

Are you getting the seat support you need? You may not think comfort and support matter to your productivity, because who has the time to enjoy a real good work chair when you’re knee-deep in work?

As it turns out, you spend hours parked in your office chair, that is the reason why office chairs are the most important piece you want to invest in your office. To ensure you’re seated comfortably during these long days, it's preferable to choose an ergonomically designed chair. And if you have to move around the office a lot or swivel to retrieve documents, wheels are a must!

Furmax Office is a great Ergonomic office chair with lumbar support mesh back for breathability. This modern piece offers comfort for long periods of time.

Modern Office Chair 2020

Golden Beach 360 Degree is a simple economic modern design, wrapped with soft plush velvet provides stylish and comfortable for home offices. It’s available in three other colors and is a perfect stylish yet comfortable piece to fit in your workspace.

Design office chair 2020


4. Let there be light.

Lighting in workspaces is most often neglected. Is your desk lamp too bright or rather too dim to work under, effectively? Here’s a bright idea; make your office have sufficient natural lighting. To have that, you need to ensure that your designated workspace has enough windows or openings to let the sunlight in. Try to experiment with different light tones to figure out which one is best suited for you. Depending on how spacious your home office is, you can also consider having multiple and different light fixtures to set a comfortable mood to get to work. Consider getting multiple light fixtures. For example invest in a floor lamp or desk lamp to help facilitate reading, writing, or any task needed to be done.


TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp is designed to emit a soft, stable, non-flickering wash of light that’s friendly on your eyes, helping you avoid eye fatigue caused by flickering light and harsh glare. It’s a perfect and affordable investment to keep you concentrated!

Modern Office Lamp 2020

5. The standing desk

For our last tip, we wanted to suggest to our readers an office option for those of you who find yourself seated from the beginning of the day till the end without moving much. We have recently found this new trend which is the standing desk. The standing desk has become more and more popular all around the world. The benefits of standing are great for posture as occupational therapists have also tested their benefits.

We recommend this Height Adjustable Standing Desk. This desk helps improve posture and minimize discomfort.

Standing Desk

If you already have a desk you like but want to transition to a standing desk, you don't have to give up your comfort.  This Stand up Desk Converter is perfect because you set it on the tabletop and can continue to work at your sitting desk.  But when it's time to stretch those legs just squeeze the pneumatic lever and stand it up.


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