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Keter High Store Vertical Shed Assembly

Posted by Eric Splitt on

How I freed up space in the garage and why I choose a Keter Resin Shed for my garden storage

If you have a typical 2-car garage as I do, every inch of space you can get is priceless.  As I collect more woodworking tools I have found the need for more storage and workspace.  To complicate matters, I have 3 kids which means 3 bikes and scooters and skateboards and on and on and on...  I realized that during the winter months I was not using my lawnmower, shovels, rakes or any garden tools.  They just sat in the garage taking up valuable space.

I decided it was time to evict them and make room for the more important things.  That meant I had to go shopping for storage sheds Here's how easy it was.

When I began my search for the best storage sheds, I realized there were a lot of good options.  I almost went with a wooden shed for the quality, but after digging into the subject I decided on a resin outdoor shed instead.

Here are my criteria:

  1. Affordable, under $500. 
  2. Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble
  3. Durable, long-lasting, with a warranty
  4. Fit a lawnmower inside
  5. Lockable

I knew I was going to be looking at plastic sheds because the wood was too expensive and more difficult to assemble.  I was concerned about plastic warping or melting overtime with sunlight exposure.  But then I learned about resin.  Resin garden sheds have become quite popular recently.

In my search for the best resin shed, I looked at many of the popular name brands and big box stores.  Then I stumbled across the Keter high store vertical storage shed.  It checked all my boxes and I ordered it right away.


Why I Love the Keter High-Store Shed

First off, the price was great!  But I'm always skeptical of cheap prices and I was concerned about the quality.  All the reviews I read were very positive and after assembling it myself I know just how sturdy it really is.  And I'm pretty picky when it comes to quality.

The other thing that sold me was the limited lifetime warranty.  I figured if all else fails I could file a claim and get it taken care of.  So that gave me the extra confidence to make the purchase.

Assembling the Keter vertical storage shed

The first step is to make sure that you have a level site.  I had just a small corner behind the gate.  I also had to work around some stone pavers and I wanted it to be easy to roll the mower in and out.shed-site 

Once the site is cleared, the assembly goes easily, just follow the instructions.  There are plenty of extra screws in the package in case you lose any.  It helps to have an electric screwdriver.

The most time-consuming part was unpacking the door parts and assembling them.  I recommend having a helper to do this for you.  They can also help hold up the walls as you screw everything together.  As you can see in the video I had my kids, 7 and 5 helping me and on this project, they were actually really helpful.

shed-with-lots-of-stuff-in-itI still need to add some shelves inside.  Right now everything is piled on the bottom.  Keter makes shelf brackets for this but I might try to fabricate my own.  I'm only in there once a week so it's not a big deal, but it would be nice to have it look organized.

Hopefully, you find this review and video helpful.  If you are interested in a resin outdoor shed I would highly recommend the Keter High-Store Vertical Shed.


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